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I don’t think that’s a scheming face… I think he’s actually smiling. Maybe…

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Eren’s first experience with bubbles ends in upset.. ੯ू❛ัू ໒꒱

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Mikoshiba Momotarou. Backstroke swimmer of Samezuka Relay Team


College au where Marco’s a jock who’s obsess with a shy Jean, dorky working adult au, and High School au where these dorks got stuck inside a cabinet together for some reason and Marco is Jean’s ‘Notice me!’ senpai. 

I had my giddy day.

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#ShizumeWeek | Day 6: AU Distance
"I make sure to keep my distance
Say “I love you” when you’re not listening
How long until we call this love?” ( song )
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get to know me : [1/5] pairings
Hauru x Sophie