Maou (2008) x Alice no Toge (2014) 
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Kaji Yuuki, Tachibana Shinnosuke, and Nakamura Yuuichi to join cast of Haikyuu!



Popular voice actors Nakamura Yuuichi, Kaji Yuuki, and Tachibana Shinnosuke were announced to join the Haikyuu!! cast!

Kuroo Tetsurou (CV: Nakamura Yuuichi)

Kozume Kenma (CV: Kaji Yuuki)

Yaku Morisuke (CV: Tachibana Shinnosuke)

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Nino used to show his inner darkness by bringing his umbrella to the classroom without closing it.


"so do you have a boyfriend?"

I begin to sweat, fumbling. I’m trying to shove them back into my pockets but it’s too late. thousands upon thousands of pictures of godzilla spill from my hands and into the floor, covered in kiss marks. there are so many.

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平川大輔 - 共犯者 ♣